WSO Analyze Financial Reports Like A Pro

Wall Street Oasis Analyze Financial Reports Like A Pro


Module 1: Introduction

In this module, we introduce the course structure and objectives … By the end of this course, you will have a firm grasp of SEC Filings.

Module 2: Overview of SEC Filings

In this module, we explore the key SEC filings, both the longer ones (10-Q and 8-K) and the shorter ones (S-1 and S-4). We also explore the most important SEC filing, the 10-K annual report.

Module 3: Breaking Down The 10-K Annual Report

In this module, we dive deep into the 10-K report highlighting its Key Components: Business Overview, Risks, MD&A, Financial Statements, and other Components.

Module 4: Specialty Filings S-1

In this module, we move on to the first of the long form specialty filings, the S-1 or shelf registration. We’ll break down its key components and compare it to the 10-K.

Module 5: Specialty filings S-4

In this module, we’ll dive into the S-4 report and cover its key components. We also include a WSO Template for consolidating notes from SEC Filings.




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