Wall Street Oasis Investment Analysis Course说明

Module 1: Introduction – A Few Useful Tools

In this module, we introduce the framework and introducing to a number of key useful tools for analyzing stocks from a practitioner’s perspective. We’ll also explore real-life examples in each upcoming module through case studies.

Module 2: Cash Flow and Income Stocks

In this module, we dive into Cash Flow and Income Stocks, which are considered a foundational aspect of stock investing.

Module 3: Growth Stocks

In this module, discover the exciting realm of growth stocks. Learn how to analyze these high-risk, high-reward investments, often earning the spotlight as market ‘darlings.

Module 4: Technology Stocks

In this module, we look into technology stocks, where innovation meets risk. Discover the winners destined to be the next growth stars.

Module 5: Operating Leverage Stocks

In this module we explore the concept of operating leverage and its impact on stocks. Operating Leverage, a key metric, quantifies the extent to which fluctuations in revenue directly influence operating profits.

Module 6: Bank Stocks

In this module, we are going to explore a case study on East West Bank. Additionally, we are also going to look at the very unique aspects of analyzing bank stocks.






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