WSO Master VBA Macros in Excel from Elite Pros

Module 1: VBA Introduction

In this module, we will provide an overview of the course structure and set clear expectations for what you can achieve by the end of it. Additionally, we will introduce you to the world of VBA, explain its practical applications, and cover coding basics, including how to run the code effectively.

Module 2: Working with Sheets & Ranges

In this module, we dive into coding basics, teaching you how to reference different ranges and sheets, variables, and how to debug your code. This knowledge is then put into practice with a true case to incorporate everything that you’ve learned so far.

Module 3: Common VBA Functions

In this module, we dive deep into the core of the course, focusing on the common functions in VBA. These functions serve as the building blocks for any task you wish to accomplish or achieve in VBA. This module also includes a practice case study to test these functions.

Module 4: Error Handling & AI

This module focuses on teaching how to run your code and how to do error handling. As you advance, you’ll learn how to automate the code using recording macros and AI. To put your skills to the test, we’ve included a case study at the end of this module to see how well you’ve grasped the concepts.

Module 5: Final Case Studies

This module includes two advanced real-life case studies that go deeper into the subject matter. These case studies offer a great opportunity to enhance your proficiency in VBA macros for Excel, allowing you to truly master this valuable skill.





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