Financial Planning & Analysis Modeling Certification (FPAMC©)课程


  • Bridging the gap between theory and practice in FP&AThe FPAMC© is focused on equipping learners with actual, practical competencies and best practices in FP&A. Developed by FP&A professionals and used by finance teams from the world’s leading companies, you’ll learn how to forecast detailed operating models step-by-step, create long-range plans with built-in scenarios, and craft both short- and long-term projection models and construct data visualizations that bring numbers to life.
  • Job-Focused Certification ProgramSolid financial modeling, data analysis and forecasting know-how is just one part of the FP&A professional’s toolbox. This challenging position also requires interpreting, visualizing and presenting data – often stepping back from modeling and data analysis to work cross-functionally to arrive at answers. The FPAMC© fills these knowledge gaps and establishes best practices for FP&A professionals.

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