Fixed Income Markets Certification和Equity Markets Certification课程Wall Street Prep – Markets – Sales & Trading

最近Wall Street Prep上架了2门新课程,属于Sales & Trading方面的,弥补了此前这一领域的空白

这2门课分别为Fixed Income Markets Certification 和Equity Markets Certification


Fixed Income Markets Certification

此课程主要对金融市场、资本市场、经济学、央行作用、政府债券、企业债券以及抵押贷款证券进行了讲解,让同学们对固收市场有一个宏观的了解。课程总共时长为22小时32分钟左右,按照我们在学校里面上课来计算,基本上也是一个学期的内容,此外课程还赠送有3个Elective Course(选修课),分别为Crash Course in Bonds and Debt, Debt Capital Markets Primer, 以及Debt Capital markets: How to survive Day 1  这几个小课内容也是非常不错的

Equity Markets Certification

当在校的时候,我们都会觉得好多概念、领域都非常的陌生,怎么用Bloomberg,什么是Hedging,什么是Derivatives,那么现在Equity Markets Certification这门课,就可以让你了解到所有Equity Market里面基本所有的概念和所需要掌握的技能。这门课的总时长为8小时左右

引用官网的介绍,What you’ll learn:

  • Master the technical skills and concepts that Equities traders are expected to know on the trading floor
  • Learn how to chart, graph and analyze stocks, indices and futures on Bloomberg
  • Speak and understand the trader jargon
  • Analyze company financials using the Bloomberg Excel-Add In
  • Demystify the Buy-Side business model and learn how Asset Managers and Hedge Funds are paid and their economic drivers and priorities
  • Learn how ETF Traders profit from arbitrage opportunities
  • Compare funded investment options (Mutual Funds, ETFs) with Unfunded investment Options (Futures and Equity Swaps)
  • Discover how derivatives are traded, margined, and hedged
  • Understand how to “short a stock” and the Securities Lending process
  • Demystify Hedge Fund Trading strategies


1199贝壳是Fixed Income Markets 加Equity Markets两门课的




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