Master Private Equity from Elite Pros

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Master Private Equity from Elite Practitioners

Module 1: Course Introduction & Review

In this module, we introduce you to the world of private equity. You will be learning about the course objectives, what is private equity, where does the capital come from, the typical PE fund structure, a typical PE investment as well as an overview of the auction process and your role as a PE analyst and/or associate.

Module 2: Initial Business Appraisal

In this module, we get you comfortable with the first steps in an auction process. We take you through real-life examples such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) along with best practices, a real-life teaser, and an introduction to the main case we will be using throughout this course.

Module 3: First Round Bids

In this module, we cover 1) the process of reviewing CIMs, 2) a real-world CIM walkthrough, 3) the CIM from our custom case, 4) the buildout of our Mini LBO model from our case, 5) the Investment Committee Memo overview, and 6) a real-world lender indicative term sheet and IOI process.

Module 4: Conducting Diligence

This module helps you understand the framework of diligence that you will be expected to lead in PE. Explore third-party diligence providers and a detailed look at real-world examples of 1) diligence tracker, 2) commercial diligence report, 3) financial diligence report, 4) tax diligence report, and 5) common Quality of Earnings add-backs and key tips for managing these multi-track processes successfully.

Module 5: Valuation & Financing

In this module, we build an underwriting model and go through the main LBO modeling assumptions for downside, base, and upside scenarios. From a complex revenue build with a waterfall of unit types to top-line projections to a variety of financing scenarios, learn how to build a complex but clean underwriting model that will give your deal team and the investment committee confidence in your projections.

Module 6: The Final IC Memo & LOI

In this module, we give you a detailed walkthrough of a real-life Investor Committee (“IC”) Memo and LOI. This module provides a walkthrough on IC memo returns, distribution waterfalls, and other important considerations as the deal gets closer to the finish line.

Module 7: The Close Process

In this module, we wrap up the deal and show the final steps needed to make sure there are no surprises in this critical phase to get the deal across the finish line.  From funds flow to final GP bringdown, we have you covered.

Module 8: Portfolio Company Monitoring

This brief module dives into the responsibilities of the associate after closing the deal.  This includes financial reporting, add-on acquisitions (modeling covered in the LBO course), dividend recaps, exit timing considerations, and more.

Module 9: Distribution Waterfall Exercises

This module breaks down Distribution Waterfalls for you and discusses MOIC, non-compounding, and IRR hurdles using various examples.

Module 10: Sourcing

This module teaches you how to find and approach potential portfolio companies for your firm. Learn inbound and outbound sourcing, use cold and warm outreach effectively, track networking activities, and stay organized in the sourcing process.






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