Real Estate Financial Modeling(Wall Street Prep) 地产建模课程介绍


Real Estate Financial Modeling是一个系列课程,包含有9个Module(章节部分) ,分别讲述地产建模的不同的话题


This course begins with the foundations of real estate finance and excel best practices, adding complexity piece by piece. By the end of the program, learners will build complete, industrial grade multifamily, office, retail and industrial models, including in depth treatment of the modeling of revenues, operating expenses, capital improvements, debt, and joint venture waterfalls

  • Real estate financial modeling best practices
  • Real estate investment and development theory
  • How to utilize historical financials to build a multifamily acquisition model
  • How to utilize Argus outputs to build a commercial acquisition model
  • How to build a real estate development model
  • How to model a debt schedule
  • How to model a joint venture waterfall


  • 房地产财务模型最佳实践
  • 房地产投资与开发理论
  • 如何利用历史财务数据建立多户收购模式?
  • 如何利用Argus的产出建立商业采购模型?
  • 如何构建房地产开发模式
  • 如何建立债务表模型
  • 如何建立合资企业瀑布模型




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